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Being a leading transport company established in 2007, we have pioneered in supplying diesel trading to the construction and commercial industry , we supply diesel in all capacities like 1,000 gallon, 1500 gallon, 10000 gallon, and 13000 gallon. we also supply diesel for construction needs. It has given us a competitive advantage over the competition. Besides this our large fleet for diesel trading is working efficiently within UAE and around UAE.

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Since 2008

JABAL AL NOOR DIESEL TRADING  is a privately owned entity providing diesel Transportation and As a transportation fuel, diesel fuel offers a wide range of performance, efficiency, and safety features. Diesel fuel contains between 18% and 30% more energy per gallon than regular gasoline. Diesel fuel also offers a greater power density than other fuels, so it packs more power per volume services within the Emirates, across the GCC.

In today's global economy where logistics and transportation play a vital link, and its constituents are our customers' greatest advantage

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Meeting your specific needs is what we do best. We know that the best transportation solutions don’t come prepackaged. Our team is flexible, creative, and efficient to ensure that we exceed your expectations every time.

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Since 2008




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  • To be the leader in providing the choicest quality service in the field of Diesel & all other transport solutions in the UAE, and around the region.

To achieve this JABAL AL NOOR has incorporated the latest innovations in equipment, technology and processes to maintain our leadership role in the transportation industry.


JABAL AL NOOR  has established specific goals. They are:

  • To maintain our leadership in all areas of service, methods and progress.
  • To build public confidence through efficient service and through sound business practices.
  • To provide challenging jobs, working conditions, wages and opportunities in exchange for loyalty, initiative, skill, care and effort.
  • To adapt Company services, facilities and policies to meet our civic and economic responsibilities.
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The client experience occurs in three key areas — relationships, solutions, and financial reward. We provide superior results for customers who are looking for a strategic partner for long-term benefit. We are delivering unique solutions that have been tailored to meet your specific needs. Our clients are benefited from our flawless execution & competitive rates.


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